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Exercise and Brain Function - Brain Imaging

Eligibility Questionnaire

The Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management at Kansas University Lawrence and Kansas University Medical Center supports the practice of protection for human subjects participating in research. We are conducting this short survey to determine if you are eligible to participate in the Exercise and Brain Function/Brain Imaging research project. The project is 9 months and will study how the brain reacts when people go through an exercise program. To determine your eligibility status, please complete the screener survey. The survey should take approximately 1 minute. Completion of the survey indicates your willingness to provide information to determine eligibility and that you are at least age eighteen. If you are eligible to participate we will contact you, schedule a time to read the study consent and answer questions you may have.


Erik Willis
Study Coordinator


I agree to complete the eligibility questionnaire: Yes No


Please feel free to contact:

Erik Willis

if you have any additional questions concerning the Exercise and Brain Function / Brain Imaging study.